How TRAXX Studios can help you if . . . . you run a music content community

2 min readAug 3, 2023


If you create content about music — in any format, on any platform, this ones for you. Radio, Video, Words & Pictures; PodCasts. .. for simplicity, I’ll call you all publishers.

What I’ve Learned

In two decades devising and delivering on new business models for digital publishing throughout the transformation of the industry from print to digital at The Guardian; and many more years advising the media & tech sector on the same here’s what I learned -

  • Mixed Revenue Models are a must — there’s no silver bullet strategy that means going “all in” on any of e-commerce, branded content, subscription, events or ads will be the answer
  • Successful publishing business models “catch the wave” and anticipate new revenue opportunities; then execute brilliantly. But soon enough everyone will do it, and that wave will go, so you better be ready for the next one.
  • There’s nothing new under the sun. All of the many revenue streams that exist in the modern publisher’s model still break down into audiences that value content and will pay for it; and businesses that value the audiences and want them to buy something.

The New Wave

Web3 is a thing. After a rocky 18 months as this fledgling next wave of the internet matures, there is a $1 Trillion market cap in crypto currencies; and $15 billion market cap in NFTs. There are over 17500 dApps across all chains, and that’s growing 9% Q/Q. Big numbers for a technology in its infancy that many people don’t understand yet.

So what does it mean for you? Like every significant wave of digital disruption before it [the internet, social media, mobile, programmatic, video] it comes with threats and opportunities — at TokenTraxx we’re here to help you understand how these play out in your business, and have developed technology to help you make the most of these trends -

Decentralised, direct connections between Creators & Fans — great for the new wave of music talent; who can monetise small fan bases. Your community can be a part of making this change happen, creating a platform for creators to connect with your audience, and bring their audience to you; earning fees on all the connections that happen. TRAXX Studios can help you deliver on that opportunity.

High growth rewarded communities — the development of digital subscription and membership models over the last decade has proven that 1–4% of most communities are happy to pay for content. Web3 technologies can make this happen faster at a higher scale in your business — token-gated memberships that can be sold and gifted but not shared; and rewards that incentivise the long-tail to engage. Over 26% of TokenTraxx monthly visitors are members. If you’d like those numbers, TRAXX Studios can make it happen.




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