TommyD in Miami and TokenTraxx in Metapolis — how music will play its part in the metaverse?

TokenTraxx’s partner, Zilliqa, successfully launched their metaverse, Metapolis, in Miami earlier this month where music and sound will feature prominently.

Metapolis event at Miami

“Lots of people are claiming to build a metaverse but chances are they are probably only building a gamified virtual world like the Sims or Marios. Do people even know what a metaverse is, or Web3 for that matter?” asks TokenTraxx co-founder TommyD.

Zilliqa’s Head of Metaverse, Sandra Helou, sees the requirement for sound to be a ‘must have’ in the metaverse. “It’s a challenge for both audio quality and concert practicality — and one that we’re delivering in Metapolis. We see ourselves as offering borderless access to people’s user base — not replacing reality but building on top. Zilliqa is the only blockchain currently that can give you the full suite of launching a token, developing an NFT strategy, delivering Metaverse as a Solution (MaaS) and handholding you into the metaverse.”

At the time of this interview with Helou and TommyD, they had just arrived in Miami for the Metapolis launch party where TommyD was the headline DJ.

“I can see Miami Bay and the boats and the sunshine — the metaverse is not going to replace that. New tech changes things and can be scary at first, but people adapt. The trick is to make the tech serve the people and not the other way around,” says TommyD as he points out of his hotel window.

TommyD DJing at the Metapolis event in Miami

The Zilliqa Partnership

“We love the partnership with Zilliqa. They are a cool team who are also looking out for creators too. We believe that the creative economy should lead the blockchain adoption. The emphasis on NFTs is good too — we are building an NFT programme that lasts — no short cuts here.

“And community is important too — we want to help our artists build their communities. Now that we have better ways of interacting and rewarding fans, we don’t need millions of streams to remunerate the ‘other’ people.”

Taking fan engagement to a new level

TommyD is activating Wired’s Kevin Kelly’s 1000 true fans theory. In this argument put forward in 2008, each artist only needs 1000 true fans to pay $100 per year to allow the artist a living wage. TommyD argues that blockchain and NFTs might be the way to make this a reality for most artists.

“We are not YouTube, we want to have 10 great successes first. But we’ll have to take our time to educate people and bring them along with us. In my view, Web3 is helping sort out the current mess in which music finds itself.”

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