Whirlwind October

Packed Q4 for TokenTraxx — events, partnerships & launches

4 min readNov 8, 2023

This October was exceptionally busy for the whole TokenTraxx team, but at the same time it was an absolute blast! From forging new partnerships, to hosting live events and introducing innovative features, TokenTraxx experienced an eventful month that significantly contributed to the platform’s growth and impact. Check out the highlights of our unforgettable October journey:

Partnership with Rarible — My Sahel Initiative

One of the highlights of TokenTraxx’s October was the announcement of our collaboration with Rarible on the My Sahel Initiative. The TokenTraxx team had long aspired to join forces with Rarible, and this partnership marked a significant milestone in our journey. The My Sahel project, a creative endeavor that aims to empower artists and creators in the Sahel region, received invaluable support from the Rarible team. This collaboration promises to usher in a new era of artistic expression and opportunities within the Sahel region.

Integration of the Li.Fi widget

In a move to enhance our platform’s capabilities, TokenTraxx integrated Li.Fi’s Widget, enabling seamless cross-chain NFT minting. This integration streamlines the process of exchanging assets supported by Li.Fi’s Protocol directly into $TRAXX, all within the TokenTraxx platform. This innovative feature provides users with a convenient and efficient way to interact with various assets while staying within the TokenTraxx ecosystem.

Introduction of Matt Sassari’s on-chain Sample Pack

TokenTraxx proudly welcomed Matt Sassari, a Platinum Producer and DJ Superstar with 10 million monthly Spotify listeners. Matt Sassari released his first-ever on-chain sample pack library along with an exclusive production masterclass, available on TokenTraxx through Sample Tools by CR2Records. This collection offers users three distinct tiers of ownership — Regular, Gold, and Platinum — uniting virtual innovation and real-world utility, presenting an extensive package of unparalleled value to music enthusiasts.


TokenTraxx kicked off the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) with FUTUREBEATZ at the A’DAM Tower Skybox, a collaborative event with GUTS tickets, Fan3, Muse Frame, and many other notable partners. FUTUREBEATZ marked an inspiring event in support of the Web3, Music, and AI vision community. The event featured thought-provoking panels, networking sessions, and an unforgettable DJ lineup at the after-party, solidifying TokenTraxx’s commitment to advancing these transformative technologies.

Zebu Live and the Groove of Web3

TokenTraxx brought the Web3 music groove to Zebu Live! Our founder, Tommy Danvers, rocked a powerful panel about What impact Web3 can have on the music industry, how Web3 can empower music experiences, and how it can help artists to monetise their work. In case you missed the panel, head over to our Twitter profile and check it out! We got to connect with fellow Web3 fanatics, collectors, and artists at our booth. And we hosted the music stage at the after-party, featuring some amazing musicians from our marketplace. It was a party!

Music Workshop at WPP Stream

At the 2023 WPP Stream, TokenTraxx’s acclaimed music producer, songwriter, artist, and founder, Tommy Danvers, conducted a music workshop with 20 participants. The workshop involved using AI to create lyrics for a track titled “Artificial Idols — ‘AI, The Future.’” This Italian piano disco track has already become a timeless classic at the TokenTraxx office, showcasing the creative potential of AI in the music industry.

Transition to Paper Payments

A notable development in TokenTraxx’s journey was the transition from Credit Card payments to Paper. This transition promises to provide users with an even smoother and more user-friendly experience on the platform.

Genesis Collection Success

Lastly, TokenTraxx celebrated the swift success of the Genesis Collection from TH2 — Head Over Heels, which sold out in just two days, highlighting the platform’s capacity to host in-demand and highly sought-after NFT collections.

In Conclusion, TokenTraxx’s October was a whirlwind of achievements, marked by significant partnerships, innovative features, and impactful live events. These endeavours have solidified TokenTraxx’s position as a pioneer in the music and on-chain space, offering new opportunities for not just artists, but also music companies and advancing the web3 music movement. As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital realm, TokenTraxx remains a trailblazer in the space, and we can’t wait for November to come. Bring it on!




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